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Coming soon to Mad Hatter!

At Mad Hatter we're constantly reinventing the wheel. We are an artistic collective, inspired by music, colour, art and food. We love to express ourselves in as many creative outlets possible.


Join our guest list for front of the line invites to our special nights, of art, games, music, entertainment, food and drink!

FUN FACT: Our tea lounge nights are fire! Sign up to get on our guest list for your next invite!

Thursday Nights

"You should bring a friend, 
She should bring a friend too...on a Thursday night" —Thursday Night, Leven Kali 


Join us for open mic nights, poetry slams, art exhibits and live music. 

If you are an aspiring musician, poet or have an event you'd like to host on a Thursday Night, please contact us!


starting soon 

Thursdays Nights 4pm - 9pm

Friday Nights

"Cos it's Friday and you don't got "ish" else to do!"

—Friday, movie 1995

Laid back canna-themed Fridays are here. Indulge in Mad Hatter's Kaleidoscope Dreams, with 4twentea high tea service, kaleidoscope colouring pages, munchies and more

starting soon

TGIF 4:20pm- 9pm

Saturday Nights

"Funky beats ringin', everybody's swingin'
In the place as I kick the jazzy style"

— Same Song, Digital Underground + Tupac

Saturday Nights we kick it up a notch with some fire tunes, good vibes, Catori Eats tapas menu and tea cocktails. These are private invite parties only. Make sure you're on the list!

starting soon

Saturday Vibe Tribe


Marigold party
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Dance Party

FUN FACT: Don't know what to drink? Tell one of our teatenders your birthday and we'll whip something special up for you!